Below are some reviews I received prior to Zillow from sellers that were very satisfied.

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“Thank you, Amy, for your professional touch, you knew what was needed when the homeowner didn’t. Looking back, I see that once I gave up ownership to my house, it all went much better. We have grown to love you very much!” -- Mel and Nina Gosser

“Thank you for all you did in selling our house. You really went beyond the call of duty. It was such a relief to be able to leave Eugene and know that the house was in such good hands. Thank you!” -- Judd and Elisa Sneirson

“Despite the dramatic turn in real estate, my house had two offers after 3 days on the market and sold shortly thereafter. I credit Amy with helping me choose a realistic price, capitalizing on those first few days it was on the market, and skillfully navigating multiple offers for my best interest. As with a lot of home sales, as the purchase was negotiated there were rough moments. Amy helped me put these ups and downs in perspective, to stay realistic and focused on my goals, and in the end my house sold quickly. I am so grateful to have found a real estate agent that I know I can trust, who will be honest and direct with me, and who has the professional knowledge and experience to follow through successfully despite the market conditions. I highly recommend Amy!” -- Yvonne Braun

“You’re one of the hardest working people I know, but you always found the time to to take care of our questions. Thanks for all you did….we really appreciate it!” -- Harvey and Deb Christensen

“We recently sold our house in a very tough Eugene market. Amy made all the difference in the world. Her selling strategies and skills were exceptional. She stayed in touch with market movements and incorporated them into her tactics. She earned our trust with honesty, integrity, savvy and hard work.. We would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone.” -- Michelle D’Agostino and Mark Howard

“You’re the best! Thanks for your tireless work, your unceasing encouragement, your pressing deadlines and your energetic charm!” -- Robin Seloover

“I am very pleased with the hard work and excellent service we got through working with Amy. My new husband and I sold two homes and bought one with Amy’s help. We found Amy to be very forthright and honest about market conditions, prices, preparation for sale, and our agreements with each other. And she was right on every single recommendation she made, even the one I didn’t listen to! She is a great communicator, and has several tools she regularly uses to keep clients informed. I like and respect her negotiation style, through which she was able to get us what we wanted in all three deals. I think the two major differences between her and other realtors is 1) her honesty- she tells you what she knows to be true of realities of the market and the deal you are working on, instead of what she thinks you might want to hear, and 2) her excellent communication- I never wondered what was going on or had to track her down to find answers. She always returned calls promptly, and actually initiated most of them. To add to all that, she has a great sense of humor and is enjoyable to be around. I really think she is the best!” -- Elizabeth Albrecht and Mark Langston

“We were trying to sell our home ourselves when we met Amy. Her expertise and passion for selling real estate made us want to hire her and we are glad we did. Amy did a great job of educating us on the pros and cons of each decision so that we could make informed choices. We trusted her completely and that trust was not misplaced. Amy gives excellent, well thought out advice that helped us net the most money from our home.” -- Chad and Audra Dannen

“I was truly impressed by Amy’s professionalism and her excellent suggestions that really do get your house sold quickly, and her impressive knowledge of the market. Amy sold our house the first day we showed it. Amy made selling a house feel effortless, and we all know that it’s a lot of work. If you’re looking for someone you can trust and who understands the most current market trends, call Amy. I have recommended her to all of my friends.” -- Kyle and Mindy Rimbey

“On behalf of the whole Novitski family, thank you again, so much, for the heroic efforts you went to get our house sold. I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future.” -- BJ Novitski

“I highly recommend Amy as an effective Real Estate Sales representative. I was guided to understand and establish a realistic selling price which is an important aspect of a timely sale. She kept me updated and when adjustments were needed and she helped me to understand all the factors that were in play. She worked hard and implemented innovative strategies in a slow market. She negotiated effectively on my behalf.” -- Teressa O’Caer

“I recommend and endorse Amy as a complete and extraordinary real estate agent. It took her less than ten days to get an offer on my home, which had been listed by other agents for two years with no results. She did an amazing job preparing me and the house for an efficient and professional process. Her sense of care impressed upon me a trust that was rewarded by quick success and satisfaction in partnering with her. I would insist that anyone who is considering a sale of property make her their #1 choice.” -- Dr. Ray Blanchard

“Amy really cared for me and my situation – that really showed. Amy called often to keep me informed.” -- Susan Wagoner

“Amy is highly dependable. She works very, very hard and does lots of market research. She kept us well informed and continued to advertise and get the work out about our house. She also kept us well informed about the competition and what was going on with the market. She is very confident and was able to negotiate on our behalf.” -- Stacey and Dan Deese

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Amy as a Real Estate Broker. We listed with Amy and our house sold within weeks. She is a thoroughly competent and ethical woman. When she says she is going to do something, she does it. She follows through on leads and communicates well. She offers excellent advice on how to prepare a home for sale.” -- Anne Gordon

“Amy works very hard to properly market my houses to bring the highest possible selling price. Amy excels at the skill most agents’ lack, which is the ability to make a deal happen. Amy has the highest standard of integrity, professionalism, and market knowledge. She works very hard for me and stands out from the pack with her experience.” -- Keith Schneider

“Amy was intelligent, personable, sympathetic, creative and aggressive with everything she handled and the bottom line is…she sold our home. I have never worked with a broker with so much “heart”, “creativity” and “professionalism” as Amy. Anyone who does not retain her services and level of expertise is grossly missing the boat!” -- Alexandria J. Plude

“Amy described all of the services that she would provide and we realized the benefit of having her as our agent, so we decided to hire her. We were not disappointed. Amy did a terrific job in analyzing the market and pricing our home accordingly. She really helped us figure out what was important in getting our house ready.” -- Pat and Jennifer Foley

“So you think you’re worth 3%? Well, so do we! Your candid honesty, clear communication, willingness to do more work than expected, and that you were always looking after our best interest and not your own are all appreciated. Thank you so much for all the advice and assistance with the sale of our house.” -- Tim and Tracey Zerr

I met Amy at my Open House and I had a positive impression from her right from the start. I then listed my home with her and it sold in only 4 weeks. The process went very smooth with Amy. Overall, my experience was nothing but positive!” -- John and Darlene Kennedy

“You were straight to the point, organized, focused, warm and available. I felt satisfied that your assessment of the need to lower the asking price was soundly thought out and informed. Looking back, I can see what a huge thing it is to trust a stranger with a transaction that will deeply impact my life. I am very grateful that Amy helped us through the process with consideration, courtesy and professionalism.” -- Vera Kewene

“Amy, Thanks for your help in selling the house, you were simply great!” -- Archana Vashneya

Sellers Love Amy!

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